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Brynton & Snaed Light Railway

Rogues Gallery Rogues Gallery Burt Jackson aka Jacko. Employed by the BSLR as Ogla's main driver. 193848182 Tom Cobley aka Old Tom or Uncle Tom. Employed by the BSLR as Olga's fireman. 193848193 Edwin Jones aka Jones the Diesel. He is on secondment to the BSLR from the Merioneth & Llantisilly Rail Traction Company Ltd. He is filling in as Gina's main driver. 193848184 John Johnson aka Johnny. Employed by the BSLR as Louise's main driver. 193848190 Gordon Bennett. Employed by the BSLR as as Kerry's main driver. 193848188 William Goat aka Billy. Employed by the Jolley Gypsum Co. Ltd as Megans's driver. 193848195 Thomas Thomas aka Young Tom. Employed by the BSLR as Millie's main driver. He is the younger brother of Terry the passenger guard. 193848194 Terry Thomas. Employed by the BSLR as a passenger guard. He is the older brother of Young Tom, Millie's driver. 193848192 Edward Edwards aka Eddie. Employed by the BSLR as a freight guard. 193848183 Robert Peel aka Bobby. Employed by the BSLR as a signalman. 193854818 Albert Arkwright & Granville. They run the local village shop. 193848179 The Rev Bartholomew Simpson. The local vicar. 193848191 Jack Tar. He works the barges in and out of Wobbly Wharf along with Arf Nelson. 193848189 Arthur Nelson aka Arf Nelson. He works on the barges with Jack Tar. 193848180 Jed Giles. The local farmer. 193848185 Baah, Baah & Baah aka Millie, Lillie & Tillie. Part of Farmer Jed Gile's flock. 193848181 Fred Dibnah. A visitor who keeps popping up wherever there is steam and industrial heritage to be found. 193848187 Walter Foggy Dewhurst, Norman Cleg & Compo Simmonite. Three visitors often seen wandering around the area doing very little. 193848186